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Quality And Policy

SMART TECH is Consulting and Supply Company in several disciplines with a commitment to delivering the highest standards of quality, safety and responsiveness in process equipment engineering and services provided to customers. SMART TECH Policy is communicated to customers, employees, vendors striving to meet all expectations. SMART TECH team actively promotes this policy across all levels of Company employees and encourages them to embrace quality as their personal commitment. Errors or incidents shall always be reported to all relevant parties and are committed to an open reporting culture. Sharing of information on quality is encouraged and shall always cooperate with quality auditors for better quality environment. SMART TECH team shall consistently strive to improve Company quality through learning, sharing, benchmarking, innovation and participation in continuous improvement programs. SMART TECH Quality Policy shall provide the framework for driving quality programs to inspire a quality culture of excellence, innovation and continuous improvement. We shall establish and maintain appropriate controls and conduct periodic reviews to meet our quality targets.

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